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Rangjung Osel Retreat in Finland


Rangjung Osel Retreat is a small and quiet retreat center in Southern Finland, close to Helsinki. It is situated in a typical Finnish agricultural enviroment, not very remote, but still secluded and perfect for solitary practicioners or small groups, who want to practice meditation without the interferene of urban and social pressure.

The center is inaugurated in Nyingma style, by great lamas with a close relationship to both Dzogchen Monastey as well as Mindrolling Monastery. The place also holds the blessing of other lineages in different Tibetan traditions. Many lamas have visited Rangjung Osel, given their blessing and performed practices here.

It is our wish that sincere practitioners of the buddha-dharma would find their way to this place and accomplish whatever they have set out to do in order to train their minds through study and meditation.

We collect rent in order to keep the house warm and in good shape and to run the place. Practitioners of lesser financial means are strongly encouraged to look for a sponsor among friends and family. Authentic Buddhist practice attracts supporters suprisingly, because of the blessing.

It is also possible to ask for sponsorship directly from Rangjung Osel, meaning reduced price or free stay. These requests should preferably be accompanied with a recommendation for the retreat from the student´s own teacher.
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